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Tapan Pandit, a graduate of Shari Academy, is a photographer with a keen eye in search of capturing the essence of human spirit. The two year training program has sculpted him into a through profes

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Nov 19, 2012

I Am Tapan Pandit


Hello everybody.

It has already been a little more than a year now since I finished my education in photography. I still remember the last day of our passing out exhibition in Mumbai and all the questions that came to me about heading out into the field. Its really amazing how time flew and here I am, launching my own website.

It has been a wonderful year so far and I have been presented with many opportunities. A very supportive family and friends have been besides me all along in this endeavour. I am appointed as the official photographer for happenings under the Germany – India Year 2011-2012 in Mumbai. I alsodid publicity photographs for various brands, worked with some of the most amazing dancers and helped building conceptual portfolios for actors and theatre artists. It has truly been an exciting time.

I would like to introduce everyone to my website with this blog. The website will be kept updated with my latest photography works. As for the blog, I would like to interact with each one of you on anything and everything in photography. I will share interesting articles I come across on the Internet. Photographs, questions, comments from you are more than welcome in this space. I will also keep everyone updated about my newest projects through the blog. I will ask your opinions on concept notes and experiments.

Lets make this space a very interactive and fun space with all of us learning from each other.